World Cup, Violent Gust of Korea


The street Cheerers show their supports in the world cup park June 25, 2002


 June 22nd 2002, the earth thundered in the Korean peninsula. Hong Myung-bo got a 5th goal of a penalty kick shoot out in the quarterfinals against Spain.

킥하는 순간 산천이 모두 숨을 멈춘 듯 하더니 공은 골문 안으로 높이 들어갔다. 조용함 속에서

The red heart of 47 million south koreans cried out and was jumping high with all together.



The crowds fire triumph-crackers.    The tears of emotion (referre to the press).


Oh! Glory,  deep-emotion, the tears of emotion

" 대~한민국 ♪♪♪ ♩♩,  Oh! Pilseung Korea"

Oh! wonderful football-team  We are the champions

glory of asia,   War cry of 5 millions Red Devils  


The street Cheerers who put on T-shirts of "be the Reds" banging stick-balloons  and waving national flags shout encouragement in Kwangwhamun all day.  


 May 31st , after opening ceremony of the World Cup in the Seoul stadium, the Senegalese team made a surprising incidence to win against the French team. Korea team also made the same result at Busan stadium on the 4th June, it beat Poland beat to 2 : 0  and june 14th Korea defeated Portugal, it was a glorious triumph.

The street Cheerers and foreigners dance and shout with joy all together.


 The steet cheerers of red-clad was 2 million persons. June 18th, Korea also defeated Italy by Ahn Jung-whan's golden goal. Korean peninsula was full of excited youth until dawn.

Today's triumph was achieved by strong spirit to win,  support of the Red Devils and excellent tactics of Guus Hiddink, coach of Korea.

이 모든 힘은 응원석에서 태극기와 함께 보여주었던 4,700년 전 치우 천왕의 대형 깃발로 함축되며 일직이 우리 나라가 중원대륙을 석권했던 조상들의 기상인 것이다.  



They pray for reach to the final all the day and night.


 June 22nd, the Korean national team also sank Spanish invincible fleet, through the game for 120 minutes, and finally, Korea became the first Asian country to reach the semi-finals.

On the stand of stadium, tens of thousands of the Red Devils spelled out "Pride of Asia". Out of the stadium, 5 millions of the massive red wave of enthusiasitc fans, street cheerers, shouted encouragement, danced all together all over the country. However, It was a celebration day not only for Korea but also all of Asia.

She desires the triumph waving national flag in the world cup park.(left),    Kim Tae-young who was wounded in his nose-bone , put on mask,  carry off a ball on heading.(The right was referred to the press)

My wife and I went out to the street with cameras to take pictures. Everywhere, in the subway, on the street of Jong-ro were full of tides of Reds. All the crowds cried out and lots of crackers were replica watches fired with joy. We went into the crowds to be with them. Like others, we liked to shout.     In the square of City Hall, many foreigners, wearing Red Devil shirts, danced and shouted "Dae~ Han Min Kuk"(Great Republic of Korea) and "Oh Pilseung Korea ♬"(Victory Korea) like Koreans. That festival was for everyone who was in Korea and even foreigners, they could became Koreans to share the emotions of that night.

An overseas report says "Korea is real  champion" and they comment that millions of street cheerers were in good order with one mind and haven't started a riot.

July 2nd 2002  the Korean government awarded all of them the order of national service merits and the President Kim Dae-joong awarded Hiddink an honorable certificate of residence.

Note :   The photos are by Kwon & Kim

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